Ask me anything   Submit   Not 100% Otaku but I can say I am one of the Otaku. I do really love watching animes. I'm not that updated but I have my reasons why.
What clear on me is, I AM ADDICTED WHEN IT COMES TO ANIME. I'm Straw Hat Meann Echizen (Hitsugaya, Zoaldyeck). 19 years old, from philippines.

My Top 5, uhm, no it is 6 now. Okay, my Top 6 Fave Male Chara are; Ryoma Echizen, Monkey D. Luffy, Rin Okumura, Killua Zoaldyeck, Toushiro Hitsugaya and Kyohei Takano :) . As of now, my only fave Female Chara are Boa Hancock and Sunako Nakahara ^_^

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